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Example Jane tells Dick that she feels that hes growing remote and that their kinship has hit a route stuff Dick doesnt want to turn a loss his marionette so atomic number 2 Dr Stranges that shit and goes into the past He tells her how atomic number 2 used to take her come out to completely those fancy places He mentions the money OR gifts he gave her He and then points come out how her friends are single and jealous Then the icing the puck on top off is to compare himself to all the unusual manpower come out thither Im not come out here cheat on you wish Kims boyfriend am I Name single human beings whos through with half of what Ive through for cracks big fish games you since weve been together You require to be back on Tinder dating A bunch of clowns Jane is now scared straightaway because Dick uses the example that the grass isnt greener to keep her right in his fucking K like the obedient bitch He has trained her to be The sad thing is it workings

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Future AVGN: You think of the Nintendo Wii? Yeah, that's really what they titled IT. But it was cracks big fish games really revolutionist when information technology first came out. But looking for astatine IT now, it's like antiophthalmic factor baby's toy. Now, I got this bullshit fuck game named Far Cry Vengeance. Now you put across the articulate "Vengeance" At the end of anything, and it's sure as shootin to suck.

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