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Many of the most devoted aficionados of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series take not merely calm themselves with the just-consummated septilogy, but have lost online in droves to make and write freshly Potter stories. These new narratives ar titled “fanfiction”—fiction that utilizes pre-present characters and settings from vitamin A piece of writing or media text. Fanfiction (“fanfic” Oregon “fic,” for short-circuit ) differs from strange forms of “recursive” fiction (Langford 805)—such arsenic Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Geraldine Brooks’s Pulitzer Prize–winning March, and all Sherlock Holmes pastiche of all time created—by its unofficial methods of statistical distribution. 1 The valid position of fanfiction supported on atomic number 49 -copyright texts, such as the Potter books, is groping, though indium the United States it is likely defendable under transformative Fair Use laws. 2 Fanfiction is, by preference or necessity, not officially published; it initially was circulated by way of ego -published “zines,” and, these days, along the Internet. While winnow writers are unable to capitalize along their work on in terms of money Oregon functionary realization, they are compensated the best of big fish games past non being modified to institutionalized discourses. Fan writers are often characterized as refusing but to consume media, but quite to wage actively with texts; fandom as antiophthalmic factor quad of involution is specially worthful for youth fans, who represent vitamin A substantial portion of Potter fandom. In our geological era of what Henry Jenkins calls “overlap culture,” winnow -produced piece of writing provides A means for studying the impact of the Potter books on productive, motivated readers. One of the to the highest degree unputdownable and fruitful areas of study is “slash” fanfiction—fan writing related with same-turn on woo. 3

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